Handbook for Health Professionals & Guide for Training of Trainers - Mercury Intoxication & Other Health Hazards in ARtisanal Gold Mining Communities (Forthcoming)

ABSTRACT: The handbook has been developed by the Artisanal Gold Council, based on AGC’s experience in the artisanal sector in over 27 countries worldwide1 and evidence-based information from scientific literature and reports. This handbook is intended to provide information and training materials on occupational health hazards in the artisanal mining sector for health professionals who provide preventative, curative, rehabilitative, and promotional health services in countries with an artisanal gold mining sector. It also serves as a guideline for health professionals to conduct training in artisanal mining communities directly or to train other health professionals (e.g., community health workers) to conduct the training. Political decision-makers can also use it as an informational resource to learn about occupational health hazards in the sector and reflect on adequate interventions. The overarching goal of the health handbook and the associated training is to establish a common knowledge base among all stakeholders associated with artisanal gold mining, from miners and managers of mine sites, mining communities to mining associations, and healthcare professionals to government officials. Finding common ground is an essential step in developing collaborative solutions that benefit everyone involved.

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Addressing mercury and other hazards in the artisanal gold mining sector through public health interventions: A handbook for health professionals